SORTEX Customer Care

Solutions and support to ensure that your optical sorter is performing to maximum efficiency, delivering maximum productivity and making a maximum return on investment. A wide range of packages are available from our SORTEX Total Care range, offering servicing, maintenance, application support, repairs and parts.

Customers can personalise their packages, making SORTEX Total Care the most flexible of our service features, as it allows you to select the service that best suits your operation and machine needs.

For customers who would like to have spare parts available on site, Bühler’s technologists have created appropriate spares kits for the different machinery available.

Customers focussing on having the latest technology available on their sorter - whether it’s software or extra functionality - benefit from a number of upgrade kits available.

SORTEX Customer Care Packages


Optical Sorters fed on innovation.
Bühler’s innovative product portfolio comprises of intelligent optical sorters, which detect and remove defective product and foreign material in food products and other commodities.