Sieve tensioning device NOVATENS MPBC

Sieve tensioning device NOVATENS MPBC – Uniform tensioning of sieve fabrics.

- Easy to operate
- Uniform tensioning
- Best possible sifting performance
- Wide range of application and high repeatability

Sieve tensioning device NOVATENS MPBC

The sieve tensioning device, NOVATENS, uses compressed air to ensure uniform tensioning of the sieve fabric in the sieve frame After attaching the clamps, it simultaneously tightens the sieve in the vertical and horizontal directions. Easy operation.

The sieve tensioning device NOVATENS is easy to use. Only brief training is required to operate the sieve tensioning device.

Uniform tensioning.

The stable design of the NOVATENS ensures uniform tensioning of sieves. This is due to its synchronized pneumatic cylinders and the rigid construction of the clamp guide.

Excellent sifting performance.

The precise and sturdy design ensures high-quality sieve tensioning, resulting in excellent sifting performance. In addition, the device requires minimal maintenance and spare parts are easy to replace.

Wide range of applications and high repeatability.

NOVATENS is a professional sieve tensioning device for plansifters, purifiers and other sieving and screening equipment. It is suitable for a wide range of sieve fabrics, including nylon, polyester and metal mesh.


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