Ship unloader Portanova RSKP

Ship unloader Portanova RSKP – secure and fast unloading of grain.

- High reliability and easy maintenance
- High mobility
- Low wear

Ship unloader Portanova RSKP

The Portanova is a pneumatic ship unloader designed for efficient unloading of grain and oilseeds. The unloading throughputs vary from 250 to 345 t/h, depending on the specific ship size. The Portanova is distinguished by its high degree of mobility and availability as well as by its outstanding cost-to-benefit ratio. Furthermore it offers operators a wide variety of possible applications as an autonomous traveling or stationary ship unloader with its own energy supply as well as electrical power supply.  

High reliability

  • The rotary blower ensures uniform material throughput.
  • An easy maintenance is given by the possibility to lower the boom to the ground.
  • The Top-Removal Filter System enables a fast detection of damaged bags and an easy replacement of filter bags.

High mobility

  • The Portanova can travel on rails or on tires.
  • Thanks to the selectable steering program it travels easily and quickly around obstacles.

Low wear

  • The conveying pipes have thick walls and have low wear.
  • Because of the basalt lining at the pipe ellbows it can operate even at hard contitions.

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