Plant Control System LiteCos

Plant Control System LiteCos – reliable basic system with intuitive operation.

- High plant availability
- Intuitive operation
- Minimal maintenance requirements
- Expandable modular system

Plant Control System LiteCos

LiteCos is a functional, easy-to-use and economical basic system for plant automation. Automated processes and process commands are clearly displayed in graphic form; ma-nual intervention is possible at all times. Through the combination of parameter and user administration, company-internal know-how is optimally protected. The LiteCos plant control system is individually adapted to meet specific operational requirements. High plant availability, lower costs.
  • Automatic operation optimizes process sequences, allowing for a significant increase in plant capacity and ensuring a consistently high level of product quality.
  • Production planning, diagnostics and quality assurance can be carried out with the help of the LiteCos process control system, which simplifies planning and administration considerably.
  • Plant automation reduces the need for personnel, thus lowering production costs.

Intuitive, easy operation of all processes and process commands.
The LiteCos plant control system is easy to operate: All automated processes and process commands are displayed on a monitor in a graphic and clearly structured manner. Switching to manual operation is possible at all times via the unit's innovative touch screen.

Minimal maintenance requirements.
Another outstanding feature of LiteCos is its high dependability and minimal maintenance requirements. For the rare occasion when a malfunction occurs, Bühler offers a servicing agreement that guarantees fast, efficient and economical around-the-clock support – 365 days a year.

Expandable modular system.
LiteCos is of modular design. This allows automation to be applied for the entire plant or only for individual process steps as required.

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