LEYBOLD OPTICS DIS Vacuum Coater Series V

LEYBOLD OPTICS DIS Vacuum Coater Series V – a powerful system for all vertical heated inline sputter applications.

- High flexibility
- Small footprint
- Easy maintenance


The LEYBOLD OPTICS DIS series V is a vertical inline sputter coating tool specifically designed for the needs of cleanroom-based production, where lowest particle impact is of the highest importance. The unique folded design with loading and unloading of the substrates from one side and processing from two sides guarantees efficient use in a cleanroom environment and a minimized footprint. The system can process large substrates of sizes up to Gen 10. Depending on the requirements, the system can be configured as a completely contact-free transport solution. Allowing an active substrate heating of up to 350 °C, the LEYBOLD OPTICS DIS series V is suitable for all processes that use transparent conductive oxides and dielectrics. High flexibility thanks to scalable layout and powerful heating
  • Scalable up to Gen 10, the machine’s layout allows adaptation to specific customer needs.
  • The LEYBOLD OPTICS DIS series V can heat up substrates to as much as 350 °C, allowing for a flexible product mix.
  • Planar and rotatable cathodes for transparent conductive oxides (TCO) and dielectrics are available to facilitate a versatile product mix using one single machine.

Rotational module for a small footprint
The double-sided process with a rotational module made of stainless steel minimizes the footprint and enables a cleanroom-proven design.

Advanced cathode design for quick and easy maintenance

  • Hinged cathodes grant a quick and easy maintenance process. No crane is needed to open the cathodes.
  • All cathodes can be maintained simultaneously.