LEYBOLD OPTICS CCS series of lenses vacuum coaters

LEYBOLD OPTICS CCS series of lenses vacuum coaters –The flexible coating solution with growth potential.

- Modular design
- Flexible platform
- Easy maintenance


(50 … 160 pairs/8 h)

Depending on customers’ requirements, one or several layers (anti-reflection layers, sun protection or mirror layers as well as filters) can be produced using coaters of the LEYBOLD OPTICS CCS series. Its outstanding production capabilities are derived from short pump-down times and exact process monitoring which are the particular highlights of this platform. Various types of LEYBOLD OPTICS CCS coaters prove that small dimensions and high productivity are not mutually exclusive. The LEYBOLD OPTTIC CCS series includes even a high-end productive solution for standard and ion-assisted coating processes for mid-sized production batches. Sustainable solution due to modular design
Upgrades related to the electron-beam gun capabilities, the implementation of a cryogenic refrigeration system or an in-chamber hydrophobic coating functionality are options that can be easily added to the LEYBOLD OPTICS CCS basic configuration at a later date. Thus, customers have the option to expand their system as their business grows.

Flexible system for a broad range of applications
The LEYBOLD OPTICS CCS series offers an array of optional components for every need. There are two different kinds of lens carriers, the automatic flip-over lens carrier and a variety of standard domes for different lens diameters, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Proven design for easy maintenance

  • All LEYBOLD OPTICS CCS components are easily accessible and therefore simple to maintain.
  • As is standard with all Bühler Leybold Optics equipment, every machine is accessible via remote software tools, easily allowing off-site analysis and service activities. Supported by extensive data logging of numerous parameters, customers are always up-to-date on the coater conditions and can share information if desired.
    The cylindrical coating chamber of the LEYBOLD OPTICS CCS platform facilitates easy maintenance and quick removal of the protection shields for cleaning, which in turn delivers the benefit of an increase in equipment uptime.