Large High-Pressure MVTC

Large High-Pressure MVTC – High separation degree.

– Minimal dust residue
– Dust-free operation
– Wide range of applications

Large High-Pressure MVTC

Large filter for cleaning dust-laden air can be used for a variety of processes. As a result of the high separation degree, the filter fully meets environmental protection regulations. Minimal dust residue.
  • The dust particles are separated through centrifugal force using a tangential raw gas inlet.
  • The filtering elements assure that the remaining dust residue is a minimal 20 mg/m³.

Staubfreier Betrieb.

  • The high quality finished filter withstands an operating pressure of +/– 0.2 bar. This allows large volumes of air (50–600 m³/min) to be cleaned.

Breites Einsatzspektrum.

  • The modular filter construction enables it to be used as an aspiration filter, a bin-top filter or a total separator.
  • Various sizes allow for a wide range of possible applications.
  • The filters are suitable for use in buildings as well as outdoors.


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