JetMix – Perfectly matched sponge dough process.

- Uniform hydration with high oxygen content
- Consistent dosing of flour for obtaining homogeneous dough
- Optimal process control
- Straight-forward and hygienic design


Due to their positive baking characteristics, industrial-scale bakeries are increasingly relying on sponge and sour dough. The innovative Bühler solution, JetMix, is capable of producing homogeneous sponge dough and has unparalleled hygiene. Uniform hydration with high oxygen content
  • Mixing by JetMix ensures that each flour particle is uniformly moistened.
  • The whirling of the flour, combined with mixing under negative pressure conditions, increases the oxygen content of the dough. This activates fermentation and improves gluten development.
  • The result: Workable dough with good machine processing characteristics.
  • JetMix also enables the hydration of scalded or soaked grains.

Consistent dosing of flour for obtaining homogeneous dough

  • State-of-the-art microdosing technology enables flour to be dosed to the process with unparalleled accuracy.
  • This is ensured by the separately powered agitator, detacher and feed screws of the MSDF-A micro-differential proportioning scale.

Optimal process control

  • The system ensures optimal temperature control – as the slurry temperature can be controlled on the basis of the water added.
  • The fully automatic mixing, feeding, maturing, and cleaning process is easy to control and monitor through the process automation system.

Straight-forward and hygienic design

  • The JetMix, which has been designed in compliance with EHEDG guidelines, is the ideal solution due to its straight-forward and hygienic design.
  • It is constructed completely of stainless steel and can automatically be cleaned at the push of a button, without any manual Intervention.


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