Hammer Mill MultimpactFine™ AUBK

Hammer Mill MultimpactFine™ AUBK - high capacity fine grinding.

- Close tolerance repetitive double cutting plate system
- Staggered plate rotor for full width hammer coverage
- Triple flow interrupter zones to stop material rotation
- Unique self-adjust screen carriage eliminates leakage

Hammer Mill MultimpactFine™ AUBK

The MultimpactFine™ Pulverizing Hammer Mill accelerates product in close tolerance resistance against hundreds of cutting channels. High-force, repetitive impact for 425 to 45 micron size reduction. Multimpact™ Cutter Plate Technology
- Lower energy usage and/or less horsepower requirement per ton of capacity
- Provides increased hammer action
- Lower maintenance costs due to less wear and tear of screens and hammers

Heavy-Duty Design and Construction
- Mass dampening triple tube base virtually eliminates vibration and ensures power 
  train alignment
- 1/2” round bar screen carriage construction ensures support of even the thinnest 
- Strong 4 bolt pillow block housing with lube reservoir supports rotor in heavy-duty 
  double row spherical bearings
- Exceptionally heavy plate steel construction for unequaled service life and fixture
  welded for closer grinding tolerance

Innovative Design
- Close tolerance circular grinding chamber design eliminates dead air and ensures
- Bi-rotational top feed allows rotational change for maximum hammer and screen
  wear without external adjustments to introduce full width product feed
- Replaceable 5/8” plate steel liners protect housing while providing an effective
  screen sealing surface
- Discharge design ensures cleanout with even high oil content product for gravity
  discharge or pneumatic pick-up

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