Flowbalancer MZAL

Flowbalancer MZAL – gravimetric proportioning system for accurate grain blends.

- Exact product proportioning
- High operating reliability
- Low maintenance

Flowbalancer MZAL

The Bühler Flowbalancer MZAL is applied for gravimetric proportioning of a full stream of product. It provides valuable services both in the production of grain blends and in controlling a grain stream to maintain a defined throughput. Precise control for properly proportioned products
  • Thanks to its high-grade load cell, a high measurement accuracy is ensured – for achieving a constant, properly proportioned product stream.
  • A proportioning gate with a diaphragm actuator allows precise selection of the coarse and fine setting ranges. In addition, intelligent control algorithms of the universal controller MEAG ensure accurate product proportioning.

High operating reliability thanks to low-wear system components

  • The Flowbalancer MZAL has only a small number of moving parts. This reduces its proneness to trouble.
  • The rugged design is characterized by proven system components – for achieving high operating reliability.

Rugged and low-maintenance design

  • The small number of moving elements and additional anti-wear devices ensure high wear resistance even when handling abrasive products.
  • The Flowbalancer MZAL incorporates sealed, for-life-lubricated bearings. This eliminates the need for any bearing maintenance.
  • Low-maintenance and even maintenance-free system components reduce the overall maintenance requirement and guarantee a long service life.


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