Flaking Mill DOQB

Flaking Mill DOQB – optimum flaking through proven technology.

- Reliable, accurate operation
- Low maintenance
- Less noise and less wear and tear

Flaking Mill DOQB

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery, Bühler is also a leading supplier of oilseed processing equipment used in oilseed preparation and handling. The Bühler flaking mill DOQB is employed in the oilseed processing industry for the flaking of cracked soy beans and soft oil seeds such as sunflower, canola and corn germ. Proper oilseed flaking is a critical factor in the oil extraction process, as the seed's microscopic oil cells are ruptured, allowing the extraction media to penetrate the material. Designed to perform reliably and accurately.
The flaking mill DOQB offers safe and reliable performance. Its unique design allows the product to be processed smoothly and accurately. The machine's features include two mechanically adjustable scrapers which remove stuck flakes from the roll surface, thereby ensuring a constant product flow.

Low maintenance requirements, increased durability.

  • The flaking mill DOQB's patented roll end seals minimize the amount of maintenance required. The seals prevent pitting at the roll ends, thus increasing the unit's overall durability.
  • The specially designed roll grinding device allows for uniform grinding along the entire length of the roll surface, without removing the rolls.

Low vibration means less noise and less wear and tear.
The flaking mill and drive motor are mounted on a common base supported by vibration mounts resting on the floor. No vibrations are transmitted to the building structure. Noise is kept at a minimum, contributing to a more pleasant working environment.