EcoIntelligence™ – Dryer control system

- User friendliness due to very simple
- Operation and clear 3D-animated process visualization
- Smooth integration into the system control

EcoIntelligence™: Super-easy and effective operation

With its numerous advantages the EcoIntelligence sets a new benchmark in the field of dryer control systems.
Particularly outstanding is the intuitive operation and clear process visualization on industrial PCs with a large touch panel. Besides the minimization of training costs and operating errors, the user can rely on a convenient recipe management, full traceability and highly useful diagnostic options. In addition, the access to the dryer via mobile devices offers high flexibility.

For high-standard systems the automatic moisture control system Ecomation is the solution to achieve top product quality with high energy efficiency at minimum drying times. The focus always is on the desired target moisture content of the product at the end of the drying process, which is automatically adjusted.

The distinctive structural features of the EcoIntelligence consist of its modularity and high configurability as well as easy wiring and commissioning. The platform-independent operating system ensures a long product life cycle. Last but not least the Total Care customer service and remote maintenance are additional options that increase the availability of the dryer.

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