Destoner MTSD

Destoner MTSD – efficient separation of stones from a continuous stream of product.

- Good separating efficiency
- High product safety
- Wide range of applications

Destoner MTSD

The Bühler destoner MTSD is applied for the efficient separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density impurities from a stream of grain. Its throughput capacity varies as a function of the specific product and its degree of contamination: The throughput for common wheat is up to 22 t/h, for durum wheat up to 14.5 t/h, and for corn (maize) up to 16.5 t/h. In addition to the grain varieties mentioned, the destoner is also used for processing rye, rice, and soybeans. High separating efficiency – excellent grain cleaning.
  • With its outstanding separating efficiency, the destoner MTSD effectively removes even small and lighter-weight stones the size of a grain kernel from the stream of product, thus ensuring excellent cleaning of the grain.
  • The excellent removal of high-density impurities such as stones , glass, and metal protects the downstream processing equipment and thus perceptibly reduces its wear and tear.

High product safety thanks to pure raw materials.
Through its excellent cleaning of the raw materials, the destoner MTSD creates the conditions required for achieving a high end product purity and thus for complying with food safety standards.

Wide variety of applications through broad range of products and throughput capacities.

  • The destoner is characterized by its wide variety of possible applications: Beside standard applications for wheat, rye, and corn (maize), the machine can also be used in specialty mills for processing oats, buckwheat, barley, spelt, and millet. The destoner MTSD is also even applied successfully in breweries, distilleries, and ethanol production plants.
  • The destoner MTSD is available in three different sizes with a range of throughput capacities of 6 t/h, 6–12 t/h, or 12–22 t/h. Its marginal footprint ensures an optimal utilization of available space.


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