ChocoMaster™ High performance continuous moulding line for flexible application.

- Maximum flexibility
- Optimal product quality
- Uniform articles
- High operational reliability and hygiene

Continuous moulding line ChocoMaster™

Solid chocolate articles as well as one-shot filled articles can be efficiently produced by the ChocoMaster™ moulding line. The moulding line has been designed for spot, ribbon and one-shot depositing in continuously moving moulds. But it can just as well be applied for the production of filled articles (shell, filling, back). The possible mould sizes range from 620 mm to 1200 mm with a mechanical line capacity of maximum 35 moulds per minute. Flexible process thanks to modular design.
Thanks to the modular design of the system, the individual process stages can be tailored to individual article specifications and result planning. This produces a high degree of flexibility.

Gentle processing technology for optimal article quality.

  • The crucial factor for achieving easy removal of the articles from the moulds as well as uniform crystallization of the chocolate is gentle cooling technology. The vibration and cooling sections are carefully separated through insulated panels.
  • Due to the uniform tempering of the entire moulds, an optimal product gloss can be obtained with an optimal demoulding quality.

Efficient process for achieving uniform product quality.

  • Thanks to the high-precision depositing process and optimal shaking, a constant article weight and quality are ensured in each individual cavity. This produces article continuity from mould to mould.
  • The chain is driven by reliable servo motors whose number is specified on an individual basis. They guarantee a smooth mould motion within the entire line, thus ensuring uniform and parallel chocolate bars.

Designed for high operational reliability and hygiene.

  • In the depositing area, the system is provided with transparent safety doors. They enable the operator to permanently monitor the depositing process.
  • The doors and claddings of the ChocoMaster™ are made of non corrosive materials both inside and outside. The moulding line thus satisfies high hygiene standards.
  • A big advantage of the line is its ease of access. This makes cleaning and maintenance particularly easy.


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