Aspiration Channel MVSG/H

Aspiration Channel MVSG/H – efficient separation of specifically light particles.

- Optimal separating efficiency
- Easy operation
- Wide variety of applications
- Maximum throughput capacity

Aspiration Channel MVSG/H

The aspiration channel MVSG/H is used in grain cleaning applications for separating specifically lighter particles from granular products. Its field of application extends across different grain varieties such as common wheat, durum wheat, corn (maize), rye, soybeans, oats, buckwheat, millet, or rice, as well as pulses, cocoa beans, etc. Optimal separation for producing clean grain.
  • On the basis of selective air flow control, the stream of product is distributed regularly across the entire machine width, caught by the aspiration air flowing through, and separated according to specific gravity. This produces an optimal separating efficiency of the specifically lighter particles such as straw, dust, or hull fragments.
  • Clean, dust-free products contribute to sanitary operation of the plant and to the prevention of potential risks such as dust explosions.

Easy operation for adjustment of the separating efficiency to the specific product.
The air velocity can be selected with superior ease. To enable better checking of adjust-ments, the aspiration channel is equipped with a large transparent partition, which in addition is illuminated. This allows the process to be carefully observed, and the separating efficiency can be quickly adjusted at any time to the product to be aspirated.

Wide variety of applications thanks to multifunctional concept.
The aspiration channel MVSG/H is multifunctional and thus suitable for a wide variety of user situations: Depending on the specific design version, the aspiration channel can be used as a stand-alone machine (MVSG) or in combination with a Separator MTRB (MVSH). The available space can be optimally utilized – even in combination with the Separator, the configuration of these two essential grain cleaning system components is highly compact.

Maximum throughput rate through constant, uniform feed rate.
Optimal product feed creates a constant product curtain and a uniform distribution of the product across the entire machine width. As a result, the aspiration channel MSVG/H can achieve maximum throughput rates as high as 24 t/h in mill cleaning sections and up to 100 t/h as a precleaner in storage elevators (silos).


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