Air cleaner LAIA

Air cleaner LAIA

- Cost-effective and eco-friendly
- Optimized construction
- Flexibility

Air cleaner LAIA

The types ASU 200 and ASA-100/-150/-200 of the investment-friendly pre-cleaning aspiratos are mainly used in pre-cleaning processes in receiving facilities.
The ASU is a recirculating air aspirator equipped with 2 fans in order to enhance air distribution. Aspiration intensity can be adjusted to the respective product by means of the airflow adjustment flap. The ASU aspirator complies with the explosion protection requirements of EU directive 94/9/EC.
The attractively-priced ASA aspirator operates with exhaust air, and is used primarily for humid and/or sticky products, such as malt dust.
Air cleaner are optimally suited for applications in plants for the reception and storage of grain and other bulk materials, port facilities, mills, malting plants as well as silo and storage plants.

Cost-effective and eco-friendly

  • Both, the exhaust air and the recirculating air principle facilitate the extremely economic primary cleaning of the product and also minimize dust emissions in all subsequent process steps.

Optimized construction

  • By means of the infinitely adjustable feed regulating flap the product is optimally distributed over the entire working width.
  • This results in high throughput rates with low space requirement.


  • The infinitely adjustable feed regulating flap combined with the adjustable vertical sifter facilitate an optimized cleaning result on the one hand and flexible adjustment to almost every product on the other hand.
  • In addition, the ASA exhaust air aspirator is available in 3 sizes – 100, 150 and 200 – in order to satisfy all requirements with regard to space and capacity.

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