AeroDry Single-Pass Conveyor Dryer

AeroDry Single-Pass Conveyor Dryer – for a variety of food, feed and industrial products.

- Efficient thermal processing
- Customized design
- Sanitary operation
- Low shipping and installation costs

AeroDry™ Single-Pass Conveyor Dryer

For a variety of food, feed and industrial products.

Bühler’s custom-built single-pass conveyor dryers are used as ovens, roasters, toasters and coolers for a wide variety of applications. The single-pass conveyor dryer uses air to transfer heat and remove moisture as the product moves through multiple temperature zones on a conveyor bed. Gentle handling of the product is ensured, as there are no turnovers or drops during drying. Single-pass conveyor dryers are employed in the processing of snacks, granola cereals, dehydro-frozen fruits and vegetables, synthetic rubber, polymers such as SAP and PAN, chemicals and industrial products. Controlled airflow and temperature for efficient thermal processing.
Single-pass conveyor dryers use independent temperature zones to customize the thermal process and maximize the efficiency of heat/mass transfer. As the product moves through the separate processing zones, it is exposed to controlled airflow and temperature conditions. Precise control of airflow volume, temperature and humidity enables the development or preservation of product characteristics while keeping operating efficiency high and utility costs low. The dual plenum option (link) provides the ultimate in moisture uniformity with consistent airflow delivery to both sides of the product bed.

Customized design offers best performance.
The design of the Bühler Aeroglide single-pass conveyor dryer is individually tailored to satisfy the specific thermal processing needs of the product and thus offer best performance to the customer. Customers can specify infeed and discharge as well as other operating line parameters to ensure the unit fits the plant design.

Sanitary design features ensure clean, safe operation.
Single-pass conveyor dryers have superior access for cleaning and maintenance. Dryer floors and roofs are pitched for easy cleaning and continuously welded for maximum sanitation. The sanitary door option provides continuously welded insulated door panels to prevent moisture from entering the panel. Interior surfaces of the dryer are sloped and smooth to allow product to flow without becoming a safety or sanitation risk. Easy access via large doors and removable panels allows cleaning to be done quickly and thoroughly during routine operations.

Flexible assembly options to reduce costs.
The standard modular design option of the AeroDry conveyor dryer ships with the conveyor bed installed, reducing installation time and cost onsite. The field assembly construction option allows installation in the tightest plant conditions, while reducing shipping costs.

Learn more about the field assembly construction option.

Conveyor dryer modular construction All dryer models feature standard modular construction, reducing installation cost and start-up time. Field-assembly construction is also available for reduced shipping cost.
Dryer outside installation Robust stainless steel construction of the single-pass conveyor dryer withstands the elements in all seasons.