Confectionary Sorting

Meeting the world’s demand in safety, taste and quality

Optical sorting solutions for confectionery processors who demand the highest standards, in quality and food safety. With a focus on precision sorting and consistent yield, Bühler’s SORTEX range of optical sorters is ideal for a s range of confectionery applications; chewing gums, candies, chocolates, mints, and pastilles. The SORTEX range of optical sorters are technologically advanced. Equipped with custom-built cameras, shape and colour detection software, high pressure ejectors and intelligent features, SORTEX sorters efficiently detects and removes odd shaped products, defects of similar colour to accept products and foreign materials.

Setting new standards in quality

  • Equipped with a combination of technological advances; broad spectrum lighting, high-resolution, visible cameras, InGaAS (SWIR) and PROfile (shape detection) technology to ensure the best possible selection of good products.
  • Highly efficient in removing defective products including irregular shapes, loose wrappers, metals, plastics and wood.
  • An open design, stainless steel construction is available for hygienic operations – easy cleaning.

Maximising value and enhancing product presentation

  • Precise sorting through colour and shape sorting with PROfile technology provides consistency in appearance to add value.
  • Industry leading optical and ejector technologies, minimises false rejection of good product.
  • The gentle handling feature minimises damage to the good product.

Consistent performance and stability.

  • Consistent and reliable operation with automatic calibration whilst maintaining a clean optical viewing area.
  • For operations in extreme temperature range, the Climate Control System option, provides stability by maintaining a constant temperature.

Multiple, configurable machine options

  • Modular design option of up to four sizes to suit processors with capacity requirement ranging 0.5 – 2.5 tonnes/hour.
  • Equipped with the latest in technological advances for sorting of various confectionary applications.
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables fast product changeovers and covers a wide range of user defined modes.

Increased productivity while lowering operational costs

  • With the Anyware remote connection, a SORTEX engineer can quickly respond and support a sorter, maximising uptime and increasing productivity.
  • Low power consumption to reduce operational costs.

Customer Service

Unparalleled access to a range of customer focused, flexible optical sorting service packages to suit your needs - available from over 140 countries worldwide.