It’s the mix that makes the difference.

A uniform mixing of ingredients directly impacts the performance of the end products, such as premixes and ready mixes or feed pellets. Batch mixing systems supplied by Bühler are characterized by their high throughput capacities, the enormous variety of product formulas they can produce, and the consistently high quality of the end products made. In case of frequent recipe changes or the use of numerous ingredients, batch
mixing systems offer you the perfect combination of flexibility, homogeneity of mixes, and economy.

Bühler’s mixing technologies are perfectly suited for flour blends or complex premix and ready mix formulas for bread and cake. For the feed industry Bühler offers solutions for formulated feeds, aqua feeds and pet foods.

In addition to batch mixers, Bühler offers you all technologies and comprehensive know-how for all processes of your mixing system – from reception of the raw materials to plant automation. All solutions are distinguished by high-capacity pneumatic conveying, accurate ingredient weighing by dosing equipment and scales, and top sanitation.

Bakery Products

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Bakery Innovation Center

As center of competence for Flour Service, the Bakery Innovation Center offers know-how and comprehensive analytical services within an unique infrastructure.