On-Site Dryer Training

Expert training at the customer's convenience.

Bühler offers on-site training for plant and product development engineers, operators, maintenance and quality control personnel who wish to increase understanding of their drying process. It is suitable for customers using Aeroglide drying equipment as well as other major brands of conveyor dryers. The training is highly practical and interactive, combining basic drying theory with its practical applications. Beginner, refresher and advanced training programs, as well as customized training programs, are available.

Customer value:

  • Improved thermal processing
  • Optimized performance
Expert training for improved thermal processing.
Bühler's on-site dryer training programs help the customer gain a deeper understanding of a given thermal processing system. Key training elements include drying theory and how it relates to the customer's product, as well as understanding airflow and their own dryer configuration. The knowledge gained allows customers to immediately improve their drying operation.

Optimized performance through practical application.
Combining drying theory with practical application, Bühler's on-site training programs optimize the performance of the customer's drying operation. Specific skills learned include operating the dryer in best practice methods to achieve higher quality products and improved energy efficiency. Customers also learn about identifying and avoiding the most common dryer pitfalls.


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