Dryers for SAP, Specialty Polymers and Elastomers

Custom designed conveyor dryers provide efficient drying of super absorbent polymers (SAP), elastomers, polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and fluoropolymers.

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)
Beginning in the early 2000's, demand has increased for acrylic-based gel polymers such as flocculants and SAP. This has compelled Bühler to advance polymer dryer design for these highly sensitive products. Energy recovery systems are incorporated into the heavy-duty, robust AeroDry conveyor dryer. These dryers are capable of withstanding elevated temperatures while providing the necessary tolerances for thermal expansion. Continuing dryer development and installations with the industry’s largest producers have made Bühler a preferred supplier of SAP dryers worldwide.

Bühler has a long history in elastomer production, furnishing drying equipment for the US Synthetic Rubber Program as early as 1942. Today, Bühler provides the industry with advanced  processing options for cold oil extended and non oil extended Emulsion-SBR, Solution-SBR, NBR, EPDM, BR and SBS block co-polymers which are used extensively in automotive, textile and aerospace applications. Bühler synthetic rubber dryers are tailored to meet the stringent process requirements of technology licensors worldwide and offer an unmatched level of performance, product quality and energy efficiency.   

Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Acrylic Polymer
Bühler is also the leader in the newest acrylic based industry, supplying the most advanced dryers for polyacrylonitrile (PAN) polymers in the world.  Expanding on a 40 year history of PAN dryers for textile fiber grade tow and staple production, Bühler developed new systems for PAN  precursor for carbon fiber at all modulus and grade levels.   Bühler PAN dryers feature highly sanitary construction, with integral cleaning and polymer collection systems. This increases yields and eliminates polymer build-up, providing a clean and safe operating environment. Energy recovery and reutilization is incorporated into all the utility streams, dramatically increasing thermal efficiencies. These designs are suitable for all polymerization technologies in carbon fiber and textile/nonwoven applications.

Advanced Material- Fluoropolymers, Bio-Polymers and Complex Co-Polymers
There are fine process and handling requirements for fluoropolymer-based products and other engineered materials. Through joint research and product analysis, Bühler has supplied specific dryer designs highly tuned to accommodate these unique thermal processing characteristics. Design requirements include precise conditions for airflow and temperature uniformity, controlled conveyance for product stability and high levels of sanitation to minimize product contamination. 

Depending on customer needs, Bühler conveyor dryers are available in modular or field assembled configurations. Customers enjoy reduced site installation cost and start-up time with the standard modular design. These units are fully assembled and fitted at the factory prior to shipping. The field assembled option is ideal to reduce transport requirements, and for job sites with very limited access where customers prefer final assembly of dryers on site.
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SBS rubber dryer Dryer for SBS rubber.
Bühler's unique airflow designs provide uniform drying, resulting in high quality rubber characteristics.