Dryers for Charcoal, Coal and Minerals

Industrial construction and precise airflow handling ensure efficient drying and cooling of minerals.

Bühler has a long history in the minerals industry, serving 80% of the world's charcoal producers since 1959. Industrial-grade conveyor dryers are also used for processing coal, synthetic coal, oil shale and pelleted and briquetted ore. Bühler's experience in the charcoal briquetting industry began with the sale of automatic briquette packaging equipment to a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. Utilizing an unmatched knowledge of charcoal processing and complete charcoal plant design, Bühler has developed a heavy-duty conveyor dryer that has become a worldwide standard in the charcoal briquette industry. Today, four out of every five charcoal briquettes produced are thermally processed on Bühler dryers.

The heavy, industrial construction and precise airflow handling of Bühler's AeroDry conveyor dryers is used in similar industries such as synthetic coal, pelleted and briquetted ore, oil shale and minerals. These dryers are designed to handle abrasive and harsh working environments, while providing continuous and effective working lines. In the steel industry, iron oxide or iron ore pellets require precise drying in direct reduction processes to prevent pellet rupture and damage within high temperature furnaces. Meeting the industry's requirements for intense and rigid equipment design, AeroDry conveyor dryers produce a high quality, evenly dried product while protecting downstream processes.

Robust, heavy-duty construction, coupled with the greatest uniform air and temperature distribution in drying, are the main reasons the charcoal, coal and mineral industries continue to rely on Bühler.

Depending on customer needs, Bühler AeroDry conveyor dryers are available in modular or field assembly configurations. Customers enjoy reduced installation cost and start-up time with the standard modular design. These units are fully assembled and tested at the factory prior to shipping. The field assembly option is ideal for job sites with very limited access, where customers prefer to assemble the dryer completely on site.
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