Pet Treat Drying and Cooling Solutions

Dryers, ovens and coolers for premium quality treats.

Bühler offers single and multi-pass conveyor dryers and ovens for drying, baking and cooling pet treats such as natural treats, injection molded pet treats, pillow products and extruded pet treats. Each type of dog and cat treat has its own specific process and equipment requirements. Bühler is committed to helping its customers provide a safe, shelf-stable product for the four-legged members of our families.

Once formed, baking, drying and cooling parameters must be set so that they are suitable for the materials in the product. The ideal drying process will prevent product damage and ensure appropriate texture, appearance and flavor. Bühler experts in drying achieve this with the careful application of thermal processes to bring about the desired physical and chemical changes to the pet treat.

Pet treat dryer Single-pass inline airflow dryer for baked dog bone treats. This sanitary design provides maximum internal access to the product bed from both sides of the dryer.