Bühler sees growth in Indonesia as optical rice sorter passes the test in East Java

04/18/2013 The Bühler Group, a global leader in rice processing and optical sorting solutions, has strengthened its rice business in Indonesia, following the announcement that UD Kerkep has invested in a Bühler rice optical sorter, after the results of an intense month-long trial exceeded the expectations of the East Javan rice producer and distributor. UD Kerkep processes various types of rice to meet the different yield requirements of local markets. Its Kediri plant processes up to 16 tons of rice per day, which involves cleaning, whitening, polishing, grading and bagging the sorted produce. The business also operates another rice plant at Sragen, Solo.

Andi Wijaya (or Pak Andi as he is known locally) is the owner of UD Kerkep. “Previously, UD Kerkep was using a competitor’s machine and Pak Andi’s knowledge of Bühler and its rice-sorting solutions was fairly limited,” explains Widodo Juwono, Bühler’s area sales manager for East Java. “I went to meet him to tell him more about the Bühler business, its history, culture, commitment to helping businesses to maximise their profits while meeting their food safety obligations.

“Pak Andi discovered how Bühler technology could help increase his profits by delivering greater efficiency and productivity and a trial was organised at UD Kerkep’s facility for convenience and to provide accurate results from his own application. This would demonstrate the results the company could realistically expect by investing in Bühler optical sorting technology.”

The trial at the Kediri facility exceeded all expectations. “He was extremely impressed with the results,” Juwono continued. “At a processing speed of six tons per hour, the quality of the yield was exceptional – much better than Pak Andi had ever seen before.

“His plant processes rice from various suppliers, so batch quality can vary. But by using CCD technology, the optical sorter can remove grain defects, such as discoloured and immature grains, as well as various types of foreign materials, including sticks, stones, packaging material, unwanted grains and seeds. As we showed Pak Andi and other members of his team, the optical sorter delivers product quality while minimising yield loss and enabling quick product changeovers, which minimises downtime.”

The trial lasted for more than a month, and such was the consistency of results that Pak Andi bought the sorter he could see operating in front of him at his premises, as well as two additional sorters. “I’m delighted to say that the commissioning will be completed after the installation of six other items of Bühler equipment Pak Andi has invested in.

“The Bühler brand name is synonymous with quality in the rice processing industry and we offer complete solutions, from hulling, through whitening, polishing and sorting to bagging. We’re committed to meeting the specific requirements of our customers in their local markets – no matter where they are in the world.

Mark Ledson, Territory Manager for South East Asia at Bühler Thailand affirmed “We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Mr. Andi Wijaya and UD Kerkep and of course we are willing to perform similar trials for other businesses that wish to discover how our innovative optical sorting technology can help them succeed.”

Bühler is well positioned to take advantage of the new growth and investment in rice processing across South East Asia and expects to widen the supply of its innovative optical sorters, building on the increasingly strong demand from rice processors looking for the most technologically advanced, energy-efficient high capacity rice sorting solutions.


        Growth in Indonesia as Bühler's optical sorter passes the test in East Java.
    Growth in Indonesia as Bühler's optical sorter passes the test in East Java.


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