Bindler-FlexiStamp™ Flexible Stamping Head System

01/04/2007 The chocolate industry is finding itself confronted with new challenges due to the increasing variety of recipes and smaller production batches. This wide variety of products requires faster production changes, shorter production cycles, and higher equipment flexibility. The new FlexiStamp™ stamping head system developed by Bindler offers an outstanding solution for achieving flexible batch production. To make filled chocolate products, a chocolate shell is required which will be filled with a center filling. Two methods exist to produce a shell. The first is a centrifugal process in which the mould is subjected to an oscillating motion. The resulting centrifugal forces displace the chocolate from the cavity and a shell is formed. The second option is to use cold stamping technology, where a deep-frozen stamp is plunged briefly into the chocolate mass. The stamp displaces the mass, forming a uniform shell rim between the stamp and the cavity.

Cold stamping technology offers a number of advantages over the centrifugal process in the production of chocolate articles. It ensures very uniform shell rims and accurate shell weights, and it allows the production of sophisticated, abstract shell geometries.

However, certain requirements must be fulfilled in order to benefit from these advantages of cold stamping technology. One important point is to create a dry air atmosphere in the area of the stamping station. An excessive ambient air humidity would cause the stamps (-15°C) to ice up. The patented Knobel/Bindler process effectively prevents condensation.

In the past, long stamping plate change-over times and the associated destruction of the dry air atmosphere restricted production flexibility and the variety of possible products because the stamps had to be defrosted, dried, and chilled again.

To improve this situation, Bühler Bindler developed the FlexiStamp™ multiple stamping head. The stamping plates are arranged on a shaft which can be quickly turned during production changes to suit the required product geometry. Turning can be done manually or, as an option, automatically. Each stamping plate is supplied with its own cooling medium. This prevents unnecessary cooling and therefore reduces energy consumption when stamping plates are idle.

The new FlexiStamp™ system slashes production change-over times, reducing downtimes and minimizing the resulting costs for producers.

This flexible solution developed by Bühler Bindler ensures a production-friendly and efficient cold stamping process. Today, nothing can prevent higher batch production flexibility, which in the past was avoided for cost reasons.

"Bindler-FlexiStamp™ multiple stamping head with three different product geometries".


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