Bran Finisher MKLD

Bran Finisher MKLD - high performance, top hygiene and minimum energy consumption.

- Top hygiene
- Low energy consumption
- High reliability and quiet operation
- Easy maintenance and cleaning

Bran Finisher MKLD

The bran finisher is used for processing wheat, rye and durum. It removes flour particles still adhering to the bran, reducing to a minimum the residual starch content of the bran. It can also be used for pre-extraction in the mill before the screening process.

Top sanitation
Due to its special shape and construction with stainless steel, the bran finisher allows optimum sanitation. Two aspiration openings guarantee an ideal air distribution and minimize the adherence of product inside the machine.

Low energy consumption
Thanks to its optimized design and a direct drive, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

High reliability and quiet operation
The use of a direct drive dispenses drive belts This dramatically reduces noise generation, and eliminates rubber abrasion. There aren't detachable parts inside the machine.

Easy maintenance and cleaning
Foreign material and debris can be checked any time during operation via control window. The sieve basket is easily removed thanks to the one-sided rotor bearing and guide rails, enabling quick removal of foreing material. When the sieve basket is removed, the machine interior is completely accessible and open for inspections. This simplifies maintenance and shortens cleaning operations.

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