Smooth roller press GP M  / GP N

Smooth roller press GP M / GP N – the precise three-roll former

- GP M for all kinds of cereal, nut or granola bars
- GP N for masses which need to be cooled, like nougat
- Precise slab forming without pressure
- Modular system
- Capacity up to 1,200 kg/hr

Smooth roller press

The precise three-roll former for slab forming without pressure. The GP M form press consists of three rolls, the housing and a special hopper. All machine parts follow the rules of hygienic design.

The cleaning procedure and maintenance is absolutely easy and can be done without using any tools. A special arm to attach the hopper, easy to release side guide and other features make it possible.

The inside of each roller has a special design to ensure that the surface is perfectly heated or cooled. A special plastic insert controls the water flow. The rollers and also the hopper, the chute and the upper scraper are jacketed. A perfect weight control is created by the third roller.

For the forming of masses which need to be cooled, such as nougat, the GP N is ideal. The form press GP N features a larger roll with a special water supply to provide optimal cooling for the product.

In combination with the universal FP drive with its three servo motors, very precise slabs with a high quality can be produced.

The universal form press drive FP follows the MAT (Module Assembly Technique). It is designed to run different form press heads such as DP, DDP, GP-M and GP-N. This modular idea is perfect for maintenance, flexibility, easy start up and many more things.

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