ARES Vacuum Coater Series

ARES Vacuum Coater Series – cost-effective production with high performance.

- High reliability
- Flexible and optimized for mass production

ARES Vacuum Coater Series

ARES series.

The Bühler Leybold Optics ARES machine platform has been conceived to meet the specific requirements of East Asian mass manufacturers for the cost-optimized mass production of components for the precision optics industry. Derived from our SYRUSpro series, the configuration is thoroughly streamlined according to the specific application, but never compromises on quality. Its ease of use in combination with production proven local components makes the ARES series a powerful tool for cost-effective 24/7 high volume production based on one hundred percent Bühler Leybold Optics technology. High reliability through proven design in combination with a fast return on investment.
  • A fast return on investment is achieved by ARES coaters since they provide a coating technology which perfectly matches market demands for a very reasonable capital outlay.
  • The machine concepts themselves are based on the proven designs of our SYRUSpro series. In such ARES coaters are equipped with key components designed and made by Bühler Leybold Optics and use in parallel numerous locally sourced parts, adapted to specific customer requirements.

Various chamber sizes to meet the customers' demands.

  • ARES series machines are available in various chamber sizes, from ARES 700, ARES 1100 and ARES 1350 to the high volume production systems ARES 1500 and ARES 2000.
  • A high variety of coating operations can be implemented into the production process in a cost-efficient manner. At the same time, ARES coaters deliver a very strong performance relative to requested coating specifications.