Abalıoğlu Yağ, Tarsus, Turkey

Special products, special solutions

Sunflowers and soybeans are products that have very special requirements. When Abalıoğlu, one of the oldest feed manufacturers in Turkey, opened a new plant to process sunflowers and soybeans in addition to their existing product portfolio, Bühler was able to provide exactly the right solutions to fit their needs.

The Abalıoğlu Yağ has been committed to providing healthy and safe animal food for more than 50 years, and has grown to become one of the largest feed producers in the country. For its new plant in Tarsus, Abalıoğlu needed a partner that could not only meet its special quality requirements but couple this with the very best in performance.

Combining oilseeds such as sunflowers and soybeans with existing products created a unique challenge, as plant manufacturers will often design an entire plant around a single product. 

Sunflower seeds and soybeans are products that require machinery with exceptionally high wear resistance. Sunflower seeds also need to be conveyed very gently, which requires a slow speed as well as a steep inclination of about 55°. Only then can breakage of the sensitive products be prevented and the highest product quality achieved. The high wear resistance of Bühler’s equipment and bespoke arrangement of the conveying system, however, meant that it was able to meet these requirements completely. Although soybeans are much easier to convey, their different density meant that a unique solution was required to optimize the handling of both products. Bühler was able to plan and implement this, and have it fully operational in under 20 months.

Among the additional benefits for Abalıoğlu are that it will now be able to run a far higher yield of improved product quality, coupled with lower energy consumption and far fewer maintenance requirements.

“I believe the project gave the group the opportunity to create major recruitment opportunities for people in the region,” says Bulent Ozsahin, Technology Manager, Bühler Group. “Since the area is close to one of the biggest trade ports of Turkey, the region gains a significant share in the global feed and seed market.”


60,000 t
Storage capacity
Due to four steel silo bins
Trough chain conveyors
Combined with 6 elevators deliver highest conveying standards
The best thing about the machinery in the plant is the ease of use, the absence of spare parts problems and the fact that Bühler is always pursuing newer technology.

Guven Karacasu, Technical Maintenance Manager and Project Manager - Abalıoğlu Yağ

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