Viking Malt

Strategic automation retrofit

Our solution, upgrading PLCs and introducing the WinCos.r2 control system, has increased the output of this long established malting plant by 5%.

Viking Malt chose Bühler as its automation partner because of our ability to take care of all aspects of the retrofit. Our solution covered the upgrade of the Siemens PLCs and the replacement of the old control system with our WinCos.r2. Tailor-made for maltings, WinCos.r2 provides Viking Malt with a new level of recipe handling as well as operational and automation benefits that enable them to reduce working resources.The Halmstad tower had originally been commissioned in 1997. By replacing the old technology, we were able to give Viking Malt state-of-art online control, automation and monitoring systems that can make a positive difference to output and quality, whilst reducing the number of people required to run the process. Viking Malt has seen a 5% increase in output since the installation went live.

At a glance

One step ahead with technology
Viking Malt knew that ageing technology in their malt towers was compromising performance
Bühler’s PLC upgrade and WinCos.r2 control system set a new standard for the industry
Reduce costs
Since installation, Viking Malt has seen a 5% increase in output, with a reduced level of personnel
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