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Aspiration panel with integrated filter for intake hoppers

We provide flexible hopper aspiration solutions. Our aspiration panels with integrated filter for intake hoppers can provide effective aspiration. The dust is removed from the product stream via hopper aspiration.

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Key benefits

Single source

One supplier for all spare parts – we deliver spare parts for every kind of intake aspiration. This makes us the perfect partner for your entire process, from field to fork.

Preventing dust backup

The intake aspiration's 60° inclination prevents buildup of large quantities of dust in the gutter, keeping the ambient air cleaner.

Simple installation

The aspiration panels for intake aspiration are designed for easy installation.

Highlight features

Flexible aspiration solutions for hoppers

Optimal suction capacity

The modular design of the units allows the removal of dust from intake hoppers of different lengths. Underfloor and overfloor aspiration and adjustable suction slits achieve maximum suction capacity. Thus, a very flexible installation is possible both in existing and in new plants.

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