Handtmann to invest in Bühler megacasting equipment

Uzwil (Switzerland) June 2, 2022 – Handtmann, the German solution provider for light metal components, has purchased a Carat 610 extended die-casting solution for its production in Biberach a. d. Riss, Germany. The solution is planned for the expansion of structural part production and body-in-white parts.

The past years have seen a rapid development in die casting. Megacastings, large single aluminum castings for major components, have brought a new part category into the die-casting process, having the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing process of cars. Bühler’s Carat 610, extended with 61,000 kN locking force and a shot weight of up to 128 kg of aluminum, is a perfect match for the production of ever larger structural parts, such as large battery housings for electric vehicles or meagacastings, such as the entire rear or front underbody of a car.  

The Carat 610 extended will complement Handtmann’s light metal casting facility in southern Germany. It is the first investment into megacasting production by a tier 1 supplier in Europe.  “We are proud to be part of this milestone in Europe. It clearly shows how megacasting is of utmost importance for the entire die-casting industry. Megacasting gives the trend towards structural castings another push by extending the range of applications to complete body sections," says Cornel Mendler, Managing Director Bühler Die Casting. 

Long-term partnership 
The Carat 610 is not the first investment into proven Carat equipment by Handtmann. The partnership between Handtmann and Bühler stems several decades. Over 70 Bühler die-casting systems are in operation at Handtmann in their sites in Germany, Slovakia, and China – 50 of them are in the Carat two-platen range. Handtmann opted for this model for the first time in 2007, just after the series was launched. Its compact design in comparison with its predecessors and its ease of use tipped the scales in its direction. Ever since this first installation, the Carat has continued its triumph at Handtmann, which now produces cast parts such as structural components, battery, and gearbox housings for cars – and in the future, megacastings will be added to the list. 

About the Carat series 
The application of the Carat die-casting platform has always been for parts with complex geometries such as structural ones and these parts are getting bigger. “With the rise of e-mobility, automotive production is being rethought in many ways, for example even down to how the basic structure of the car is being produced. This opens new opportunities for the die-casting industry,” says Cornel Mendler. 

The Carat two-platen die-casting solution with minimum deflection and a high degree of dimensional accuracy has long-proven its value for the production of large and complex structural components. Equipped with the unique Bühler shot control system, for real-time closed-loop control, Carat enables the casting of parts of high quality, repeatedly, shot after shot. 

All the machines in the Carat portfolio have the operator in mind. They are delivered with Bühler’s DataView control unit – which makes the control of the die-casting machine easier and more intuitive via its multitouch screen, making programming up to 25% faster. Additionally, every machine is equipped with Bühler’s new energy frame concept with a clear and distinctive arrangement of energy couplings. The Carat series also offers the option of servo drive technology. 


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