Caffè Chicco d’Oro acquires a taste for Bühler

Uzwil, August 6, 2015 – The Bühler Group has won a significant order from Caffè Chicco d’Oro for a complete coffee roasting and grinding line. The integrated Bühler processing solution covers the entire processing chain, starting with the green beans to the end product of roast and ground coffee.

The line involves optical sorting of the beans, pneumatic and mechanical conveying, storage, blending, roasting, grinding, de-gassing, and roast and ground coffee handling to the packaging lines. The heart and soul of the coffee processing line is the roasting stage with the InfinityRoastTM. This roasting equipment converts the intrinsic potential of green beans into the ultimate flavor sensation of superbly roasted coffee. The new InfinityRoastTM features the broadest process flexibility and superior profile control. The unique design of the roasting chamber and the advanced process-control system empower the user in setting supreme time-temperature mastercurves and adjusting the air-to-bean ratio in order to achieve exquisite flavor characteristics and physical bean properties. This will allow Caffè Chicco d’Oro to develop entirely new blends and flavor characteristics for new consumer segments.

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