Bühler and the sustainable development goals


Bühler and the sustainable development goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the United Nation’s universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, improve health and education, spur economic growth, and reduce inequalities. Bühler respects and supports all of the 17 SDGs. It has defined seven core SDGs where it drives positive impact and five where it makes relevant contributions.


SDGs which relate to the core competencies of Bühler

Bühler develops food production systems to maximize productivity and safety, while reducing energy, food loss, and water. Various Bühler technologies aim at establishing sustainable protein sources to ensure sufficient and healthy food for a growing population. Food safety innovations such as LumoVision drastically reduce food contamination to mitigate the number of deaths and illnesses caused by eating unsafe food. In partnering with the Food Fortification Initiative, Bühler supports actions against malnutrition, focusing on the most vulnerable, including children, pregnant women, and elderly people.

Bühler is playing its part in ensuring equal access to education for employees and customers worldwide. Its Ivory Coast cocoa training center and African Milling School are just two examples. For its employees, Bühler established an online training platform to ensure continuous education for all ages. Bühler supports employees in their further education at universities and business schools. The company’s inclusive apprenticeship model has become a benchmark for many countries and companies.

Bühler invests up to 5 % of its revenue each year into R&D. Digital solutions enable Bühler to significantly improve energy efficiency in customer plants, and to reduce unplanned downtime. Today, 85 % of Bühler solutions can be connected to the Bühler Insights online platform and benefit from the enhanced data analytics that improve machine efficiency. Bühler is a leader in lithium-ion battery technology, which is used in the growing electric car market. It also develops low-emission facilities for customers such as the new Mill E3. 

Motivated employees and dedicated management staff are key to Bühler’s long-term growth and business performance. In 140 countries, Bühler offers well-compensated employment opportunities and safe, rewarding work in an inclusive environment. In 2019, 600 apprentices were enrolled worldwide in 25 countries. Nearly 70 % of apprentices remain with the company after completing their training. In 2019, Bühler welcomed its 8,000th apprentice since 1915.

In 2019, Bühler invested CHF 149 million into R&D projects to encourage sustainable innovation. Bühler continuously invests in its global production network and the modernization of its sites. Its 2019-opened CUBIC innovation campus is a symbol of its dedication to fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation. The CUBIC has been certified with a gold rating from Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Bühler’s digital technologies are helping to reduce levels of energy consumption, water use, and food loss in the production and supply chains of its customers. Bühler’s own sites are being ISO 14001 certified and the company requires its suppliers to comply with its global environmental standards. 

Bühler supports a broadscale approach to collaboration to create sustainable business. For over a decade, Bühler has developed close partnerships with customers, suppliers, leading academic institutes, start-ups, and non-governmental organizations to share knowledge, drive innovation, and meet its sustainability targets.

SDGs which are also important to Bühler

Bühler’s range of advanced e-mobility technologies is helping to cut levels of harmful CO² emissions, while its food solutions continue to ensure high levels of nutrition and food safety, and the eradication of dangerous contaminants.

Diversity and inclusion are central to Bühler’s philosophy. Its growing network of training and employment opportunities is helping to boost equality in the developing world. The company is committed to increasing the percentage of its female employees year-on-year. 

Agriculture accounts for more than two-thirds of all freshwater use. Bühler aims to ease this burden on diminishing freshwater resources by enabling its customers to cut the use of water in their production processes by up to 50 %. 

Bühler is helping to provide thousands of worthwhile work opportunities around the world. It offers education opportunities and employee development programs, while its own Code of Conduct ensures that every one of its nearly 12,800 employees across 140 countries enjoys equal rights. 

Bühler technology is driving innovation and development in the electric car, solar panel, and advanced materials sectors, while the new Mill E3 uses up to 10 % less energy. Bühler has also ensured that its own CO² emissions have been substantially reduced.