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Grinding and Dispersing Application Center, Uzwil

Switzerland, Uzwil
Application Center

Improve the quality and efficiency of your wet-grinding and dispersing processes. Test new products. Our technologists guide you throughout the process. We show you how to adjust our machines and processes to match your product. Test our latest technology, including the MacroMedia and MicroMedia+. You can also reserve exclusive access to the center to carry out research in private. 

We work with global brands in many industries. If it is not possible to bring your products to our center, we can help you perform research at your own plant. You can also rent our equipment for in-house testing. We run up to 150 trials a year at our center in Uzwil, Switzerland. We have two other centers, in Wuxi (China) and Yokohama (Japan).


Facts about our grinding and dispersing center

1 to 7 days
Typical length of a test visit
Stay a day or a week. You’re also welcome to stay longer if you wish, with exclusive access to our center for confidential trials.
Machines and analytical equipment
We have a good range and choice of equipment for you to work on and use to test your products.
Trials per year
We run between 100 and 150 trials a year in Uzwil, Switzerland, and around 300 trials a year around the world.

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