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Webinar: Fusion

December 8, 2020
60 minutes

About Fusion

Fusion is the next generation, three-platen die-casting platform, offering 3,500 to 14,000 kN locking force. It enables superior control, speed and efficiency from a flexible, modular solution. Based on over 90 years of experience, Fusion is designed to deliver exceptional OEE. Its closed-loop control, modular energy frame and Industry 4.0 automation capability help to make it the flexible solution for your quality aluminum and magnesium die-casting, now and long into the future.


About innovation at Bühler

A machine is never the product of a single genius – it is the result of teamwork. In the case of the 2019-launched Fusion die-casting system, a global network of Bühler employees, customers, suppliers, and academic partners worked together to determine what was needed to bring die-casting technologies to a new level of performance.



  • Technical details of the Fusion die-casting machine
  • Find out about the innovation process at Bühler
  • See the Fusion live at our technology center

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Michael Cinelli

Product Manager Die Casting, Bühler

Michael Cinelli is the responsible Product Manager of the Fusion. With his experience in the R&D department, he already worked on several innovations and on the continuous development of our machine portfolio. 

Dominik Widler

Team Leader Innovation & Fusion, Bühler

Dominik Widler works as Team Leader Innovation & Fusion. During the development project of the Fusion, he was part of the Fusion team, setting his personal focus on hydraulics. 

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