My life at Bühler

Pâmela Novodvorski

Commercial Manager, Brazil

My life at Bühler

Pâmela Novodvorski

Commercial Manager, Brazil

“At Bühler, I found the ideal work environment to grow in the career of my interest and achieve my professional goals.” 




 I started working at Bühler in early 2006 as a trainee at the reception during the day while studying law at night. When I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in a commercial department, I was given many development opportunities within the company, leaving me with more and more responsibility. Today, I am responsible for all commercial series in South America. 

What led you to become a commercial manager at Bühler?

It all started during my time in the back office of Sales and Quotation. I got to know about lawsuits and contractual problems that Bühler was experiencing at the time. With my academic background in law, I then saw an opportunity to contribute by developing expert know-how at Bühler Brazil. When discussing my long-term career plans, I envisioned being responsible for a department that would be in charge of legal matters and contracts.

After a few years, the Commercial department was created, and since 2015 I am responsible for Commercial Services in South America. My prior MBA in foreign trade and international business combined with my degree in law lets me judge problems and situations from different perspectives, which is very important in my role. It makes me very proud that I can work in an area I am passionate about.

What drives you personally and professionally?

I have always enjoyed interacting with other people and working in a team where we can exchange knowledge and learn from one another. My job at Bühler lets me do exactly that with people all over the world. The regular meetings and customer negotiations challenge me and give me possibilities to grow personally and professionally every day.

I am very proud that at Bühler, I am able to grow personally and professionally while making a difference for the people around me.

Pâmela Novodvorski, Commercial Manager

What are your goals for the future?

I am very grateful for all the experiences that I made at Bühler so far. For the future, I want to improve my leadership skills and performance management and have the opportunity to work in different locations out of the 140 countries in which Bühler operates. Personally, I would also like to learn new languages and get to know more cultures, people and ways of thinking.

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