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The port has three bulk grain loading berths where ships of up to 70000 DWT can be loaded at a loading throughput of 6000 tons per hour. At its single bulk grain unloading berth, ships with up to 80000 DWT can be unloaded at an unloading throughput of 2000 tons per hour.

Beiliang port is a world-class professional grain wharf integrating ship loading and unloading, storage, and transportation. It serves as a pivotal port for grain transportation from north to south and for grain import to Northeast China. The Beiliang port can store up to 2 million tons of bulk material. Up to 13 million tons of bulk cargo are handled here annually, including 8 million tons of corn and soybeans.

Why Bühler?

With China's leading role in the world economy, international and regional trading both rise steadily. This also leads to a rapid increase in port throughput which makes loading and unloading efficiency a top priority for ports. Modern terminals therefore require large-capacity, efficient, environmentally friendly, and automated technology. In 1999, Beiliang started to build a world-class professional grain port. For their terminals, Beiliang opted for Bühler, the industry leader in ship loading and unloading machinery. This strategic cooperation proved valuable when Bühler provided Beiliang with mechanical ship unloaders Portalink and with ship loaders Portaload, equipment which has performed efficiently and stably for nearly 20 years.

Facts about the terminal at Beiliang Port

up to 3000 t/h
Conveying capacity
for the loader (the unloader achieves up to 1300 t/h).
80000 DWT
Ship capacity at the unloader
The ship loader can accommodate ships with a maximum capacity of 30000 DWT.
208 tons
Weight of the ship unloader
The ship unloader weighs more than twice as much as the ship loader.

Bühler ship loading and unloading machinery

After nearly 20 years of using Bühler ship loading and unloading machinery, it is clear to Beiliang employees that Bühler is the right choice. Its machinery offers a high return on investment. Compared to other machines, Bühler's ship handling machinery accomplishes more in the same timespan. This not only significantly improves throughput. It also greatly reduces the ships' laytime, effectively increasing berth utilization and ensuring long-term stability of loading and unloading work.

Thanks to the loader's/unloader's simple design, minimum operating personnel is required and maintenance is low, thereby reducing costs. Reliable operation of the equipment over 20 years has added value to each unloading operation. Bühler provides customized services perfectly adapted to the situation and the needs of the client. Thanks to its decades of experience in this field, the company can ensure flawless performance and maximum client benefit.

Bühler's environmental awareness

Finally, the sophisticated environmental protection concept of the industry leader also deserves praise. It is not only food safety that is highly valued these days. For loading wharfs in bulk grain transport ports, dust emissions must also be reduced as far as possible.

Yu Haoda, Assistant Manager of the bulk materials department

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