Novi Trading, Zmajevo, Serbia

A new silo plant

Novi Trading comprises five divisions: silo plants, farming, agriculture and sales of vegetable oils and products for the dairy industry, logistics, and hydro construction.

The processing and storage of high-quality agricultural raw materials such as corn, sunflower, wheat, soy, and animal feed is an important focus. Novi Trading has strong links with the region and aims to facilitate a fast trade route for the food and feed sector between the countries of former Yugoslavia and the EU. Making a valuable contribution to the safe production of food and animal feed is a core purpose. The company employs 150 people, the majority of whom work at the Novi Trading plant in Serbia.

In 2012, Novi Trading commissioned Bühler with the design and installation of a new plant at its site in Zmajevo, including two truck unloading lines, conveyors, grain cleaners, grain dryers, twelve steel silos, and truck loading capabilities.

Specific requirements and challenges

Zmajevo is situated amidst the most fertile lands of the region. It also benefits from close access to the railway connecting Belgrade with Budapest. These enviable circumstances demanded a plant with fast turnaround capability, fitted with machinery that is easy to use and reliable in operation. A further specific requirement was the flexible and simultaneous unloading, processing, storing, and dispensing of different types of products. Naturally, the plant had to adhere to high food safety standards, environmental protection, and energy saving requirements.

Technical data

240 t/h
Total intake throughput
by two trucks
Commission of the silo plant
The silo plant was built and commissioned in just eleven months.
Trough chain conveyors
Each of them has a throughput of 120 t/h.
Our investment in the equipment from Bühler was justified. We made the right choice as we now have one of the best plants in the region.

Nikola Hristic, General Manager and Owner – Novi Trading, Serbia

Project management and ongoing support

The new silo plant was built in close collaboration with Novi Trading. Excellent teamwork resulted in a very efficient project flow throughout, from the initial planning to the installation of the individual units. The target for completion was surpassed and the plant was commissioned ahead of schedule in 2012, just eleven months after the start of the project.


After seven years of reliable operation, the quality of the plant is evident. The highly customized solution has proven to be very simple to use. It is very cost-efficient in operation: The simultaneous processing and energy-saving drying process of different goods has delivered economic advantages. Cost savings can be passed on to the plant's clients. The plant has also delivered on all environmental requirements set out at the beginning of the project.

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