Luanping National Grain Reserve Depot

Reducing food waste

The special physical design and thermal energy recovery technology of Bühler's continuous flow dryer are both derived from Bühler's exclusive patented Eco Dry technology.

As society develops, people's demand for food keeps increasing. Thus, more food has to be produced and high and stable yields must be ensured. In addition, more attention is paid to food safety. The main focus in terms of food safety is on reducing food waste. This is also the direction for strategic development that Bühler has adhered to in its approach to sustainable development.

Continuous flow dryer LEEA

Bühler's continuous flow dryer offers a solution to the problem of dusty air vents which has long been a complaint of customers, as well as for the biggest challenge in the corn drying industry – the problem of removing the corn fluff (commonly known as red skin). The Bühler continuous flow dryer features Eco Clean, a unique cleaning system and a low dust-emission design. This reduces the final emission concentration of dust to 20 mg/m³, which fully meets the needs of the customer in respect of the environmental protection laws and regulations, both currently and in the future.

Facts about the Luanping project

80000 t
Total storage capacity
provided by eight flat-bottom silos
300 t/d
can be dried with the continuous flow dryer LEEA STKX6-07/02
The Bühler continuous flow dryer is really economical.

CHEN ZHUXIN, Director – Luanping National Grain Reserve Depot

"We are thankful for Bühler."

In an official letter of thanks from Herbei Luanping Ruiqingfeng State Grain Reserve Depot there's written: “From the beginning of our partnership in the procurement project for the continuous drying towers for corn, you have provided your services with remarkable scientific and technological strength, consummate craftsmanship, and advanced equipment in this project. We were impressed by your precise design and perfect after-sales service, which demonstrated your professionalism.


With the help of Bühler's equipment, the Hebei Luanping Ruiqingfeng State Grain Reserve Depot will continue to improve the construction of infrastructure in order to balance supply and demand for grain, increase the farmers' income, and ensure food safety. The banner and letter of thanks from the Luanping Grain Bureau will serve as encouragement for and recognition of Bühler. Bühler will continuously engineer customer success and innovate for a better world.

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