Smart glasses

Online machine repairs and analysis - anywhere, anytime

Use smart glasses to show our engineers - through your own eyes - what’s wrong with your machine. Get expert help immediately, saving downtime, travel time and costs.


More than words – we see through your eyes

If your machine breaks down you need to fix it as soon as possible. Our smart glasses save travel time and costs - getting help to you more quickly

So how does it work?

Timo Weidner, Bühler’s Head of Service for wafers explains: “Your technician wears smart glasses so we can see what’s wrong through your eyes. We give clear instructions over a video-audio connection and special software tools. We then guide your team - remotely - through the repairs. Our engineer doesn’t need to be physically present.“

The glasses send a live view of what you’re seeing to our service engineer’s desktop. So we can see your machinery and the trouble spot. This helps even if there are language barriers. We can show which tools and modules to use - as if we were there with you in the plant. If we need to visit your plant for larger repairs, we also come well prepared with the right spare parts.

This all helps to save time and money. It saves us travel time to reach you and downtime for your production line.

Remote guidance step by step

So how do our smart glasses work

Our smart glasses have been developed by our Franz Haas wafer equipment business using XMR technology.

“All our service engineers are thoroughly trained. This means we can help you quickly with expert help.” Explains Timo Weidner, Bühler’s Head of Service for wafers. 

First you receive an outdoor case with the Android based augmented reality glasses and all the cables and charging devices you need. The kit also includes a battery pack and belt, so you can work hands-free during the online session. If you have a machine problem, just call our customer service.

During the repairs, put on the glasses, so we can see what you’re seeing. Our engineer then guides you. They highlight what you need to adjust, using coloured markers that show up visually in your glasses. They can even overlay images, to show you which tools to use.

A few facts about our smart glasses

1-2 hours
Typical length of each remote repair
We talk you through what to do. We can even show you which tool to use and which module to replace.
Service engineers worldwide
All our service engineers train 15 days every year to keep them expert in their field.
It’s great. We can show you which buttons to press, which tools to use – through your glasses. You can even see our hand showing you exactly how to adjust your machine. You’re not alone, we are there with you.

Thomas Mold, Bühler Product Manager

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