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Trust in Bühler’s pelleting technology

For the fifth time, Bühler and Cedrob partner to build a feed plant to strengten Cedrob’s market postiton in Poland. Thanks to the high-performace production of high-quality feed, Cedrob will stay one step ahead of the competition.

The compound feed producer Cedrob S.A. is a faithful Bühler customer and, for many years now, has been equipping its production sites with Bühler machines such as the HYSYS pelleting system or the Kubex T9 pellet mill. It’s not just Bühler’s top quality machines, but also the excellent customer service that are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ultimate Pelleting Process for Animal Feed

Cedrob S.A. was founded in 1991 in Ciechanów (Poland) and with around 8’000 employees is now Poland’s third-largest compound feed producer. Cedrob is an integrator and uses the largest part of its feed production for its own poultry and pig farms. In 2018, out of the 1’000’000 tons of feed from its own production, 800’000 tons were used for its own farms, and the remaining 300’000 tons were sold on the market.

Tomasz Walerowicz, who was involved in the Cedrob’s first ever deal with Bühler back in 2007, is acting Production Manager at the time. Bühler was asked to equip the feedstuffs center in the Polish town of Gumowo with an HYSYS pelleting system. This machine is used to produce animal feed in cube or pellet form, and combines the latest sanitation and compacting technology with the most up-to-date safety standards. An individually-selectable hygiene mode ensures optimum sanitation and product quality, and in combination with the dirt-resistant surfaces and cleaning automation ensures quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. “This and other advantages convinced us to equip our factory with HYSYS”, explains Tomasz Walerowicz. And the system has completely proven its worth: just one year later, Cedrob decided to purchase its second pelleting mill line from Bühler.

With the Kubex T9, an energy saving of 10.9% has been measurably demonstrated in comparison to the previous model.

Tomasz Walerowicz, Cedrob Production Manager

High Performance Pelleting with the Kubex T9

In 2015, Bühler was commissioned with two more Kubex T9 machines. These pellet mills were developed for top throughput capacities in compound feed pelleting, and can process even difficult-to-press raw materials which have a high fat or fiber content. The machine sets new standards in terms of efficiency and performance: substantially lower energy consumption in comparison to conventional pellet mills, production capacities of up to 50 t/h, motor ratings of 320 or 410 kW and a customer-oriented design are just some of the advantages of this Bühler machine. However, thanks to the extremely compact design, the machine takes up very little space – it delivers twice as much capacity with the same footprint as conventional pellet mills. Cedrob was so satisfied with the two Kubex T9 machines ordered at the start that, just one year later, the company purchased a third Kubex T9 system.

Facts about Cedrob S.A.

tons of feed
In 2018, Cedrob produced 1'000'000 tons of compound feed.
10.9 %
of energy savings
Thanks to Bühler's Kubex T9, Cedrob has saved 10.9% of energy.
feed plants
In June 2019, Cedrob started the construction of their fifth feed plant with a target capacity of 90 t/h.

Focusing on Energy Efficiency

Work on Cedrob’s fourth compound feed plant in Kluczbork (Poland) is due to be completed this year. Bühler has also been commissioned to supply two further Kubex T9 machines at the plant. “Ecological and environmental considerations had an impact on this decision”, says Tomasz Walerowicz. “On the one hand, with the Kubex T9, an energy saving of 10.9% has been measurably demonstrated in comparison to the previous model, and on the other, the fact that little energy is required contributes to CO2 savings – which are both important factors in today’s production environment.” In June 2019, Cedrob started the construction of their fifth feed plant with a target capacity of 90 t/h. For this investment, they decided to purchase another three Kubex T9 pellet mills as well as other Bühler machinery, because they are convinced of Bühler technology from the previous projects.

Reliable customer service rounds off the range of services

In addition to efficient and energy-saving production, another major factor should not be forgotten: Bühler's personal customer care which is available 24/7. Thanks to the worldwide service network, expert knowledge and replacement parts can be provided quickly – anywhere, any time. The right combination of quality, technology, efficiency and customer service is essential for ensuring longstanding customer loyalty, including at Cedrob. And the good partnership is paying off for both parties: When the fifth compound feed plant in Rypin is fully operational in 2021, Cedrob will be one of the largest compound feed producers in Poland and, thanks to the high-performance and economical production of high-quality feed, will be one step ahead of the competition both today and in the future.

Solutions for Animal Feed

Our animal feed solutions help you produce top quality feed and to make economical use of your raw materials and energy. 

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