Enhance performance, maximise profitability


Enhance performance, maximise profitability



Bühler has continually led the way in process solution technologies everywhere. As pioneers in our fields, our expertise is second to none and we strive to bring the same level of excellence in our customer care.

By providing you with customized inspection and maintenance service offerings tailored to specific requirements, we help to protect your investment – enabling continuous peak performance and ensuring maximum return, and profitability throughout the lifetime of your equipment.

Total Care offers a wide range of choices at varying cost and service levels to help you get the best out of your machines. From inspections, and preventive maintenance, we work with you to define the range of services needed – giving us the ability to build a customized service package, together – all designed to boost production performance.

Your benefits

Increased revenue through better equipment reliability

Increased equipment availability and protection of asset value

Better equipment performance

Lower costs through controlled wear

Dependable customer report with recommendations and status of equipment

Transparent service costs for easy planning

Customer testimonials

We appreciate finally having a service contract that provides us with the technical know-how that was lacking in-house with an opportunity to avoid expensive repairs and unplanned downtime. Our priority in this agreement has been reliability – we want to be confident that our production capacity is maximized at a reasonable cost level therefore we agreed on a Total Care agreement in order to avoid large maintenance cost fluctuations from year to year. This gives us the confidence to look forward in the next years with high hopes of continuing to develop with Bühler – now at the maintenance level as well.

Berte Qvarn, Mill company in Sweden

The average Belgian consumes over 15 pounds of chocolate each year, one of the highest rates in the world. For Belcolade, a company owned by Puratos, a smoothly running production line 24/7 is key to success, providing their customers with the finest Belgian chocolate. With Bühler`s preventive maintenance services, uptime can be increased by 2-3%, keeping downtime to a minimum and customer satisfaction to a maximum.

Total Care Packages

Inspect Care includes regular inspections of your machines by Bühler’s specialist in useful intervals. You receive a detailed inspection report outlining forward looking recommendations to ensure the continued operation of your equipment.

Includes: Inspection check-list, maintenance recommendations and spare & wear parts recommendations.

Our highly skilled technicians carry out regular inspections and preventive maintenance of the specified equipment, assess wear and tear and recommend the appropriate maintenance actions and parts to ensure comprehensive planning of the next scheduled maintenance event.

Includes: Inspections and maintenance interventions, maintenance recommendations and spare & wear parts recommendations. 

In addition to Maintain Care this package also provides the necessary parts to complete the maintenance activities. Inspections and preventive maintenance interventions of the specified equipment are included.

Optional, availability guarantees and maintenance downtime duration guarantees can be incorporated into this package. Bühler’s Digital Solution elements are supporting this approach and are a major contributor to keep your asset efficient.

Includes: Inspections and maintenance interventions, maintenance recommendations and all necessary parts to perform the inspection and maintenance services.

This package combines the best of all worlds for a highly customizable service experience. Choose one of the 3 service modules as a basis and then select the optional features from the modules that suit your needs best.

Includes: Service module of your choice plus selected optional features.

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