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Fanning belt

Fanning is an important process step that comes after the strand slitter to separate the endless strand for enrobing or packaging. With our fanning belt's flexible and hygienic design, the product width can be adapted quickly.

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Key benefits

Product flexibility

Easily change the product width by changing the arrangement of the belt straps. An up-and-down fanning of the strand is also an option for sticky products.

Process stability

Accurate fanning with exact distances between the strands and optimal fanning angles ensures product quality and process stability for further down stream processes such as enrobing and packaging.

Hygienic design

Uncompromising hygienic design in stainless steel with an open design and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Accurate fanning with exact distances between the strands.

Flexibility for many different products

Easy change of product width

The product width can be easily changed by varying the arrangement of the belt straps at the outlet side of the fanning belt.

Food safety

Hygienic design

The design version in stainless steel ensures high hygiene standards. In addition, the open design ensure easy access and short cleaning times for fast product change over.

Options for a wide range of products

Up-and-down spreading of strands

Beside the lateral fanning for sticky products, it is also necessary to spread the strands up and down.

Key topics

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