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Zamberk, Czech Republic

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In 2018 we celebrated 110 years of successful business activities in Zamberk. We are a leader in the manufacture and assembly of food machinery and equipment for mills, including lines for processing cereals, rice, cocoa beans, coffee and pasta.

We manufacture different types of specialized industrial gearboxes and drive mechanisms, including the assembly of reeling machines for synthetic fibers for integration in fiber production lines, etc. Our advantage is comprehensive production: Ranging from ensuring availability of the required materials, CNC machining, sheet-metal processing, surface treatment and final assembly up to the timely delivery of the finished quality product.


Facts about Bühler Zamberk

Manufacturing site
We produce machines and equipment for the food-processing industry as well as OEM components, electrical cabinets, etc.
Help maintain the value of our plant and maximize equipment productivity and availability at all stages.

How to find us

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How to find us

Czech Republic, Zamberk


+420 465 674 111

Bühler CZ s.r.o., Nadrazni 696
564 01
Czech Republic