Energy efficiency

Saving energy, saving money

Energy efficiency

Saving energy, saving money

The European Environment Agency warns that the world "urgently needs to use energy efficiently" to limit the impact of climate change. The solutions, however, are within our grasp. At Bühler, every process and product is developed with a focus on energy efficiency from the start. And efficient use of energy is not only better for the planet. Our solutions aim to help cut your energy consumption and thus your costs.


Saving energy, cutting costs

Energy use is often one of an organization’s largest running costs, and a significant proportion of the total cost of ownership (TCO). Our solutions are not only good for the environment, they are also designed to help you reduce your operating costs.

The coffee market is growing at around 3% per year worldwide. Coffee plants, however, traditionally use a considerable amount of energy. The roasting process alone can account for 80% of a plant’s energy consumption, and our solutions can cut this by half.

Our partnership with Norwegian coffee producer Joh. Johannson is creating the world’s most environmentally friendly coffee plant. Our Infinity Roaster technology is able to reduce the energy used in the roasting process by 50%. The low carbon plant is also equipped with huge solar cells, while a smart automated process system ensures optimum temperatures at all times. The plant can produce up to 12000 tons of coffee a year. In a traditional plant, that roasting process alone would require more energy than 100 households combined. This facility’s technology will produce record low greenhouse gas emissions and set a new eco-standard in coffee production.

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