Battery performance

Boosting the e-mobility market

Battery performance

Boosting the e-mobility market

The world is increasingly looking to e-mobility as an answer to the problem of harmful transport emissions. But while more and more electric vehicles are now being produced, they need powerful batteries to become a genuinely sustainable transport solution.


E-mobility statistics

Lower emissions
Total greenhouse gas emissions from electric vehicles are up to 30% lower than those from petrol- or diesel-fueled cars.
million electric car sales in China
The Chinese government aims to increase electric car sales to 5 million by 2020.
Cost reduction
Our electrode slurry manufacturing process can save up to 50% of investment and running costs.

Battery boost

Electric vehicles are a rapidly growing market, but they are of little use without powerful batteries. The power and energy density of a battery is provided by electrode slurries, whose production process has traditionally been relatively slow and expensive. Bühler technology, however, has helped to change that.

In order to meet the ever-growing need for lithium-ion batteries for the e-mobility market, Bühler has developed a unique process for the fully continuous mixing of electrode slurries. In partnership with Chinese battery manufacturer Lishen, this has provided an increase in energy density. Our electrode slurry manufacturing process also allows saving up to 50% of investment and operation costs. Increasing demand means larger-scale production, and our ContiMixer process combines the basic operations of continuous raw material dosing, pre-mixing, kneading, fine-dispersing and degassing in a single device. This cuts operating costs while ensuring optimum product quality.

This new factory of ours is producing a new generation of batteries. This 30% increase in energy density means we have achieved a quantum leap.

Qin Xingcai, President of Lishen

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