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Applying Data to Business Decisions for Executives

December 1, 2020
60 minutes

An introduction to data analysis and its use in business decisions in the food industry.  


What to expect from the online event:

  • Demystify data analysis through a simplified introduction to data.
  • What is data? How do we obtain, analyse, use and apply it.
  • Provide practical case studies and examples from the food industry.
  • Introduce tools and techniques to get started.
  • How to apply data analysis into your processes.

Benefits of attending our online events:

Stay up-to-date

Get the latest information to help your business perform better.

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Free online training at your preferred time.

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Dorian Kuszir

Digital Engineering Manager, Bühler Group

Dorian Kusznir is Digital Engineering Manager for Value Nutrition and Innovation Advocate for Bühler North America. Dorian joined Bühler in November 2018. He has a background in entrepreneurship, robotics, software development, and venture capital. Prior to Bühler, Dorian was a Venture Fellow at Purple Arch Ventures, Strategic Advisor & Cofounder at K8 Ventures (acquired by 11.2 Ventures), VP Software Development at Rabbit Tractors (NVIDIA Inception, Iowa AgriTech member), and Engineering & Project Lead at CareCloud (acquired by MTBC Inc.). Dorian holds a Master of Science in Robotics from Northwestern University.

Matthias Graeber

Head of Data Science, Bühler Group

Matthias has been leading Bühler’s data science program since its launch in 2017, driving innovation through a small but impactful multidisciplinary team and a strong partner ecosystem. The fundamental question the team addresses is how data from connected machines, lines and plants can be used to unlock business value and ensure efficient use of natural resources for the food, feed and advanced materials industry.

Matthias is a physicist by education and holds a Master’s degree from SUNY Buffalo and a PhD from University of Basel. 

Alison Michan

Data Scientist, Bühler

Alison Michan is experienced in data science and analytics with a demonstrated history of working in digital product research and development. She has a broad background of technical and commercial roles in technology companies and first-hand experience working in an early-stage venture. She is a strong research professional with a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK.

At Bühler she works on innovative digital product concepts within the Corporate Technology Research Group, conceptualizing and prototyping novel digital products together with different business units within Bühler.

Hendrik Richter

Senior R&D Microwave Physicist, TEWS R&D Physics

Hendrik has worked at TEWS since 2003 in the R&D department in various fields of microwave moisture measurement technology development. As one of his main tasks, he developed a non-contact measuring system and oversaw its worldwide launch. Hendrik values ​​working closely with customers on site as much as immersing himself in mathematical equations in his office or experimenting in the lab in Hamburg. For several years now, he has had a special interest in data science and is entrusted with the introduction of data scientific methods at TEWS.

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