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African Swine Fever prevention and control at farm level & feed mill

March 18, 2021
85 minutes

The African Swine Fever [ASF] crisis in China drastically reduced the pig population and, as a result, pig feed production fell by 35% (40 million tons) in 2019.

This meant that many pig businesses in China have collapsed because their pig populations had to be culled once a single case of ASF was discovered on the farm. Business could not resume at the same locations for a long period.

These days, cases of ASF in Europe are increasing.
Therefore, it might be of interest to you how the pig industry in China reacted to safe-guard their business.

We have organized the upcoming Bühler information sessions to provide you with some insights into the measures in China.




  • Introduction: ASF impact on China. Can we identify learnings? (Marcel Scherrer)
  • African Swine fever prevention and control at farm level – Practice in China (Dr. Tom Cao)
    • Closed production unit
    • General sanitation and biosecurity procedures
    • Early diagnosis and elimination
  • African swine fever prevention and control at feed mill – Practice in China (Root Fei)
    • Hygiene zones
    • Access control
    • Disinfection
    • Feed production process


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Marcel Scherrer

Managing Director Animal Nutrition, Bühler Group

Dr. Tom Cao

President, Noveltech, LLC

  • PhD in Animal Nutrition from University of Minnesota

Root Fei

Director of International Sales for Animal Nutrition, Bühler Group

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