Trials to optimize your process parameters


Trials to optimize your process parameters

The global Bühler application team can help you identify the right parameters for die-cast part production - not only in person, but also as remote option.


Trials and testing

What can we do for you?

Trials and testing help to identify the ideal process parameters for the production of die-cast parts. In our technology centers we offer a full range of die-casting cells up to 14,000 kN locking force, to test parts in different sizes and with different complexities. You can send your die to our technology center, we then assemble it on one of our cells. During the testing phase we systematically fine tune the settings. The results can be checked in our laboratory, until the settings are optimal for your production. Afterwards they can be transferred to your die-casting machine. With this, scrap is minimized and we help you produce as productive as possible. 

Adrian Buob, Team Manager Die Casting Application Technology gives an example: 

In our technology center in Uzwil, we are able to produce a small batch of parts. Last year we had a die development project, using our capabilities in die design and process simulation. When the die was ready for trials, the customer had not yet finished the machine installation. So, we did trials and identified the right process parameters, accelerating the set-up process at the customer site.

Adrian Buob, Team Manager Die Casting Application Technology

You have a die or part you would like to test?

Our experts are happy to discuss your individual needs with you.

Taking trials online

Improving your die-casting process parameters is also possible without travelling to Uzwil, Switzerland. You simply send us your die, we are setting up everything on one of our die-casting cells. We are able to transmit the live tests, with different cameras installed in the cell. You can keep an eye on the process from different perspectives. Together we are discussing the results and systematically finetune the parameters until they are ideal for your production.

About the technology center in Uzwil

Our technology center in Uzwil also includes a laboratory for an entire range of tests, giving insights into the quality of parts. Tests include analyzing the material composition by means of spectral analysis, tensile and pressure tests to make sure the part complies with the mechanical requirements and a computer tomography to check the casting quality and optimize the process.

The center in Uzwil is equipped with Carat, Fusion and an Evolution die-casting machines from 5,300 kN locking force to 14,000 kN locking force. If you would like to test a die in this range, reach out to us .

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